Jan 2019 Minutes

Minutes of NPDC Membership Meeting on January 17, 2019

Belynda Norton, NPDC vice president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was given.


North Port City Commissioner Peter Emrich mentioned that the State of the City address was available on UTube.  Emrich also said the opening of the Atlanta Braves spring training facility in North Port should attract greater business to the area.  During the discussion following Emrich’s presentation meeting participants mentioned that issues of concern were the impending construction of a hotel with a capacity of three hundred beds, SCAT’s recent decision to terminate its service to the city, the continuing quest for the establishment of a hospital within the city, and the need for the city to undertake a solar energy initiative.

Discussion of Business

Belynda mentioned that a family emergency had prevented NPDC President Karen Dill from attending the meeting.  After announcing the resignation of Janet McMahon from the NPDC Board of Directors, as well as the Club, Belynda expressed her appreciation for Janet’s effort at providing for the Holiday Dinner at the December membership meeting, and wished her well.  Belynda then reminded the meeting that Club dues were due by March, and that Edna Alfieri, board member, was serving as Club treasurer during the continued absence of Lyn Rundfeldt, Club treasurer. 

Belynda  encouraged Club members to wear NPDC t-shirts and join the Charlotte County Democratic Club contingent at the Martin Luther King Day Parade in Punta Gorda at 11:00 a.m., January 21.  Following the announcement from Josie Burch, Belynda also encouraged Club members to attend the Women’s March at Centennial Park in Ft. Myers at 11:00 a.m., on January 20, that was organized by Indivisible.  Englewood Indivisible was organizing a car pool from Sunnyvale Plaza at 9:00 a.m., and Andrew Cherian offered to take three riders to the march.  Belynda also reported that the Club had failed to reserve a table in a timely manner for North Port Newcomers Day on February 2, but that a table has been reserved for the event in May.  In conclusion, Belynda mentioned that the Sarasota County Democratic Party would hold its annual Kennedy-King Dinner at the Hyatt Hotel in Sarasota on February 24, and that while the Board had approved an expenditure of $250 for a quarter page ad in the program for the event, the cost would actually be $100 for the ad.  Tickets for the event are available on line for $150 per person.

Carolann Palm-Abramoff, North Port Area Leader for the SCDP, announced the following plans:

Letters would be written to newly registered Democrats in North Port; an effort would be made to meet with the volunteers from the 2018 election campaign; and that a canvass of Democrats that failed to vote in the 2018 election was planned for March.

Hal Sutton announced that a nominations committee for elections of Club officers at the March membership meeting, composed of himself; Leslie Daniels, Board member; Stanley Kvitek, board member; and Belynda would report its recommendations to the Club membership meeting in February.

Deb Svenck circulated copies of a petition for a ballot initiative mandating expansion of Medicaid in Florida.  Campaign supporters have a deadline of February 28 to gather 70,000 signatures.

Action Taken

A motion to approve the minutes for October, 2018, by Marcia Williams, seconded by Judy Applestein,  was approved.

A motion to approve the minutes for December, 2108, by Larry Staunton, supported by Judy Applestein was approved.

A motion to adjourn by Hal Sutton, seconded by Larry Staunton, was approved.

Respectfully submitted by Hal Sutton, secretary, NPDC.