2018 November Meeting Minutes

Minutes of NPDC Membership Meeting on November 15, 2018

The meeting was opened at 7:00 p.m. by Karen Dill, Acting Club president.  The pledge of allegiance was given and a moment of silence was taken for the victims of Hurricane Michael, as well as the wildfires in California.

Discussion of Business

Karen announced that as a result of the resignation of Larry Patton as Club president, she would serve the remainder of his term as president and Board of Directors member Belynda Norton would serve as vice president.  Karen also mentioned that the NPDC would conduct its next election of Club officers in March, 2019, and that a nominations committee would convene in January to recommend nominations for Club officers and Board members at the meeting in February.

Karen also announced that the Club would participate in the North Port Poinsettia Day Parade on December 8, circulated a volunteer sheet for participants to march in the parade, to provide a pickup or flatbed truck that could be decorated, and appealed for donations to buy pencils with Club contact information printed on them to be distributed to spectators,  Parade participants are scheduled to assemble at 3:30 p.m., with the parade starting at 5:00 p.m.

Karen further announced that the Club would hold a Winter Holiday Celebration Dinner at 6:30 p.m., on December 20, at the Morgan Family Community Center.  The dinner would consist of ham, turkey, and gluten free dishes, with soft drinks also provided.  Attendees would not be requested to bring a dish to pass, but no such contributions would be rejected.  The cost would be $10.00 prior to December 12, and $15.00 thereafter.  A sign up sheet for volunteers was also distributed.

With the concurrence of Karen, Belynda suggested that the Club should have a public relations officer and Andrew Cherian mentioned that the Club was falling short in providing volunteers for its monthly participation in distributions of the All Faiths Food Bank at the Salvation Army headquarters on Pan American Drive.  Karen suggested that the Club should also participate in the Relay for Life program that provides cancer patients with rides to their therapy sessions, as well as the Meals for Wheels program.  Leslie Daniels, a member of the NPDC Board, mentioned that the Club needs a new loud speaker system to replace the one that has become inoperative.

Carolann Palm- Abramoff appealed for volunteers to serve on an issues committee for the NPDC that would observe the activity of the North Port City Commission.  She further reported that at their meeting on November 1, the commissioners discussed the Property Assessed Clean Energy program, as well as the need to replace weather worn road signs, and that the commissioners met for five hours on November 13, with the proceedings available for viewing on UTube.

Carolann added that she had volunteered to serve as the leader for Area 5 of the Sarasota County Democratic Party and appealed for volunteers to serve as precinct captains.  She also recommended that the party organization should contact registered Democrats that failed to vote in the midterm election and urge them to become more conscientious in future elections.  Andrew advised that the Club should focus its efforts on local issues and Mark Klingel, a former Club president, mentioned that in the past, the Club had conducted some successful meetings that exclusively discussed the advantages and disadvantages of particular local issues.  When Carolann suggested that flip charts should be provided for such discussions, Mark mentioned that flip charts had been utilized at meetings in the past.  Les added that during his tenure as Club president, as well as that of Mark, North Port City commissioners, as well as the Chief of Police and the Fire Department Chief, had spoken at Club meetings.

Action Taken

No formal action was taken at this meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Hal Sutton, secretary, NPDC.